Just Like Magic HD

Human Design is a tool that can be used to better understand ourselves and others around us. I’ve used Human Design over the past seven years to take a deep dive into my higher self, my NOT self, my business, and my relationships. Every person has a unique blueprint that guides him or her to ease, abundance, and light. It was through my own experience, that I knew I had to inform others of their own Human Design.

I have been able to help friends, family, and companies see themselves more clearly, move through blocks, and show them how to operate more efficiently in the world. With Human Design, I have also helped others see why someone in their life wasn’t their ideal partner or had an addiction or maybe just couldn’t figure this thing called life out.

Book a session with me below to learn your own unique blueprint and how to best apply Human Design to your life. One hour sessions are $111.

Relationship + Partnership Readings are $222.

In your session we will go over your type, profile, life purpose, channels, and gates.

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